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Tree Services in New Hampshire

Expert Tree Services in New Hampshire.

Climbing Services for tree pruning or tree removal in New Hampshire

We have been servicing clients in the Dover, New Hampshire area for as long as we have been in business. Now, we can expand the location of our services further into New Hampshire. Our climbing skills allow us to safely prune trees and remove trees close to your home or garage or that simply infringe on your landscaping. It is recommended that you prepare to have your trees cared for so that you don't damage your vehicles or property from wind, rain, or snowstorm. We have often seen cars, trucks, and even homes destroyed by a fallen tree. Call ahead to have us help protect your property from a fallen tree or branches. We have over 25 years of combined climbing experience and are prepared to take on challenging tree-cutting projects. 

Crane Services for tree pruning or tree removal.

A perfect way to have multiple large trees cut on your property is by taking advantage of our tree-cutting by crane service. There is simply no match to the efficiency of our crane crew, and we can finish removing multiple trees in hours, not days.

Altumamats - Ground protection mats.

We have a large inventory of weight-distributing traction mats, and we can maneuver our machinery over even the softest lawns with zero damage. We provide tree removal services while ensuring your lawn and landscape are not damaged.

Winter Tree Services and Emergency Tree Service

The winter months are a great time to have your tree work done. Because the ground is frozen in winter, it is easier to maneuver equipment without damaging delicate areas. When the trees are dormant in winter, it is a perfect time to do proper heavy pruning. Call us for emergency tree removal. We provide emergency tree service for wind, snow, or rain storm damage. 

Safety is our priority.

At Timber Falls Tree Care, safety is our number one priority. Our licensed arborists always come outfitted with the proper personal protective equipment and helmets with top-of-the-line communication systems.

Tree Services for many towns in New Hampshire including: Dover, Somersworth, Rochester, Portsmouth, Durham, Rollinsford, Lee, Barrington, Stratham, New Market.


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